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I cannot express just how much difference my veneers have made to my life, I have a new confidence and to be honest never stop smiling. After spending so many years being unhappy, embarrassed and disappointed in my teeth. I finally have the perfect smile.


I can honestly say that over the length of time my treatment took there is not one moment that was unpleasant or painful. In fact it was a pleasure to go to the dentist to see you all. It was like catching up with friends and each time I left my smile progressed.


Julie

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Our Location


We are located in Hornchurch with plenty of free parking.
We are within easy reach and examples of journey time from the following areas:


Central London – 35 minutes
Upminster – 10 minutes
Gidea Park – 5 minutes
Chigwell / Loughton – 25 minutes
Brentwood – 15 minutes
Chelmsford – 30 minutes


Indeed we welcome patients from all areas.



The Best Dentistry in Essex by Cosmetic Dentists


At Perfect Smile Spa we offer a full range of dentistry treatments. Some include:



Cosmetic dentistry will improve your confidence and enhance your
smile, image and self-esteem!


Reasons for Cosmetic Dentistry:




Porcelain Veneers / Smile makeover


Porcelain Veneers are made of a thin layer of natural shade porcelain. They are bonded to front teeth and help to improve the discolouration and shape of teeth, as well as close small gaps between teeth. This is the ultimate treatment option in cosmetic dentistry and performed by our Cosmetic Dentist.



Laser Teeth Whitening and Home Teeth whitening


Using special Teeth whitening gels your teeth can be safely whitened in under an hour to give you a brighter and more attractive smile. The use of a custom made tray at home will enhance the whitening effect and you can carry on Teeth Whitening until you are completely satisfied!



High Quality Tooth Restorations


We use only the finest dental materials available. Our Cosmetic Dentists, Essex can restore decayed or broken teeth. We recommend laboratory made porcelain inlays or onlays for large back fillings. Discoloured fillings can be polished or redone to achieve a pleasing and natural colour match.



Closing Gaps


Any small gaps between front teeth can be cleverly disguised using white fillings, porcelain veneers or crowns. A larger gap may require a cosmetic denture treatment (removable) or cosmetic bridges and dental implants (fixed).



Orthodontics / Clear braces


We have a specialist orthodontist that can provide you with braces of may types from conventional metal to the latest clear braces to straighten your crooked, ‘gappy’ or crowded teeth.



Gum Lift or Gum Reshaping


State-of-the-art dental laser machine is used by our Cosmetic Dentist to subtly change gum contours for a more even smile and help improve gummy smiles.



Cosmetic contouring


Sometimes simple and minor reshaping of front teeth can make a quick and attractive improvement to your smile.



Periodontal (Gum Disease) Treatment with Dental Hygienist


A thorough scale and polish alone can make a fantastic difference to your smile! However gum disease, the biggest reason for tooth loss can be treated by our Dental Hygienist.


Our team are highly trained and experienced. We have cosmetic dentists, root canal specialist, orthodontist, general dentist, dental hygienists and implant specialist . So whatever dentistry treatment you require, we can offer you the best!



Dental Practice Essex – Dedicated To Nervous Patients


At our Dentist, Essex we aim to treat you like you have never been treated before. Our Dental Practice, Essex offer treatments in a relaxed, spa like environment.


We promise painless dentistry and if you are nervous of the dentist – don’t be anymore. We are proud to have treated thousands of very nervous patients who now are not nervous anymore!


We use strong numbing gel, painless injections and quieter drills. If you really want we can give you oral sedation or intra-venous sedation.



General Dentistry by Dentists, Essex Based


Whether you wish advanced cosmetic dentistry or just routine general dentistry, Essex Dental Practice offers a full range of dental treatments.


General dentistry treatments at Perfect Smile Spa include:



Our Dental Practice, Essex has your health in mind, so whatever you need we can help!